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About Me

Naturopath/Massage Therapist/Spiritual Coach

A little about the woman behind the blog...

Well, aside from my inherent love of dancing, music, writing, yoga, nature and travel, I am a just a soul with a deep inner knowing and a duty to share it. Someone who believes in continuous self-discovery, honest self-expression and always being 100% authentic. Once you fully connect with your soul; your true self, you will always know how to make yourself happy and keep yourself healthy. 


Holistic medicine as a whole was something that always resonated with me deeply. The notion that everything about nature, energy and our existence here is all interconnected, just made sense to me. That as energetic beings we rely on our connection to others and the balance of our internal/external environment to remain healthy.


The ability to feel amazing physically and emotionally and to heal from any dis-ease within, is truly something we all do possess. Living a balanced life of ultimate health is possible and is actually how we are destined to live. Mother Nature really has provided everything for us to ensure we not only survive but thrive as a species.


Though I had always been interested in human anatomy from young and learning about physical health was where it all began for me, I didn't yet understand at that time just how metaphysical we actually are, and the monumental impact that has on our well-being. Everything about how I know and connect to myself and my perspective on life changed as I learned that everything in this life is about energy, and the vital importance of the mind, body and soul connection.


After experiencing years of challenges and unrelenting stagnancy, I found myself at my rock bottom. The accumulation of repeated heart-break, the loss of many loved ones, financial scarcity, legal issues, near sexual assaults, near death experiences and depleting chronic illness, left me utterly exhausted to say the least.


The years of traumas took their toll and left me more motivated than ever to learn everything I could about all it really takes to achieve ultimate wellness and peace, and to manifest the lives we truly want. Honestly, reaching the lowest lows was the very best thing that could have ever happened to me and worth every tear shed. Hardship brings knowledge, experience and soul growth, and is something to be so grateful for.


My honest goal is to share my deepest truths and personal experience on all it takes to attain balanced health and spiritual harmony, and to help as many souls as I possibly can achieve the same while I still breathe on this Earth.

We are all one, and we are all here to learn how to live under faith and not fear. To free ourselves of any conditioning that has led us to believe we can not have any and everything we desire. Because we can and will.


We are here to become master manifesters and shift this reality to what we know we all want; unconditional love, abundance, health, security, community, peace.



Who's with me?

Healing begins here

My truth on how to reach ultimate wellness
Why Naturopathy

Why Natural Medicine?

Gut Health

Our guts are the brains of our body. For balanced health we must heal intestinal lining and gut dysbiosis, ameliorate nutrient absorption/assimilation and restore the balance and integrity of the microbiome. Celiac, IBS, bloating, ulcers, Chron's constipation, acne, Candidiasis etc.. are all healable. 


Stress is not said to be the number one killer for no reason. It is essential for health to live primarily in our rest and digest state. Balancing hormones, ridding brain fog, improving memory, boosting sex-drive, having balanced neurotransmitters, stable moods and living anxiety and insomnia-free, is all possible and how we should be living.  


Having a clean terrain is the most important part in ensuring our bodies function properly. Cleansing the liver and colon, eliminating toxins, relieving burden on the pancreas, balancing PH and hydrating on a cellular level to reverse low blood volume/circulation issues...are must-do's if we want a clean healthy body that works well and makes us feel great. Symptoms are just our body's way of telling us there is misalignment within.

Emotional/Spiritual Health

Our metaphysical state is step one when attempting to heal physical illness. Having a balanced emotional state, positive mindset and following our soul-guided intuition are what creates energetic alignment within. This is how we connect deeply with who we are, what we are here for and what we truly want. Processing and purging emotions, loving and trusting ourselves, and eliminating mind manipulation and self-limiting beliefs, gives us the power to heal anything. Changing scarcity mindsets, understanding and overcoming traumas, working through fears and insecurities, gaining a sense of purpose and feeling inner peace, is all we should be striving for.   

Nutrition/Weight Loss

Our physical human system requires adequate nourishment to be able to function properly. Natural whole foods and plants correct nutritional deficiencies, eliminate toxicity, boost energy levels, nourish and repair cells, boost metabolism, encourage natural weight loss, balance blood sugar, and restore diseased tissue and organs. Food is literally medicine and gives the body all it needs physically to avoid illness and/or heal from it. Utilizing nature's home grown gifts as tools is how we ensure we thrive and feel our best throughout our journey. Love your body and feed it well.

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