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Just How Toxic are We?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

It is just crazy how many toxins we are exposed to today. With continually rising numbers of a whole host of current diseases, we must ask ourselves... Why are we all suffering health issues like this?

From the youth to the elderly, we are all dealing with some kind of acute or chronic ailment, and it is especially concerning how many children and young adults are ill.

Let's take a look at what the contributing factors are leading us down this slippery health slope and what we can do about it.

"There are too many people counting calories and not enough people counting chemicals" - Unknown

So, this is a passionate one for me because as a 30 year old woman with a whole life still completely ahead of me, our future is looking like a very scary one. We are honestly exposed to mind-boggling levels of toxicity today. Most people perhaps not realizing all of the factors and choices we make that are literally robbing us of our health. If we look around, we see everywhere that the population is sicker than ever. Particularly the youth, which is beyond abnormal.

As someone who works in the health field, I am a personal witness to countless clients between the ages of 18 and 40 that are more ill than ever before. Never mind all the childhood illness we see. Something is definitely wrong!

The level to which the youth is sick is staggering to say the least, and shows a very real depiction of all that is going on in our world right now. It is a real concern for all of us at any age, not just my generation with hopefully more years ahead of us than behind. It is something I truly want to shed light on in hopes of raising awareness for those who may not be as concerned as I am, but that should be!

We must look at the level of chemical burden on our physical bodies and I will go into that, but we must also consider all of the damage to our emotional and spiritual health that have caused immense division, stress and insecurity in the population.

So much of how our system is designed does not foster true health for humans. We have been driven so far away from proper nutrition, connective interpersonal relationships, true inner peace, self-love, security and an existence aligned with nature as all humans are intended to live.

The level of stress alone is one of the biggest thieves of our health. Everything about the way we conduct our lives in the modern world defies the laws of nature. The way we think, the way we grow food, how we spend our time, how we interact with others and our work schedules, all go against how we should be living for true wellness.

It's all very far away from how our ancestors were living and conducting their lives for millennia before modern living took hold. There is indeed beauty in some of the advancements of the modern era, but they have all become about profits over health and are being excessively abused.

In a world where everything is about convenience, speed, pre-occupation and distraction, how could we not be sick and disconnected as a population?

We work more than we relax, we stare into a phone or television more than we talk to an actual human, we worry all day every day about everything, we lack proper connection and compassion for others, we constantly compare ourselves and our lives to others, we prioritize materials over our own value, and we barely have enough time in a day to think about ourselves and connect within.

We are missing everything humans need to be healthy and thrive. To be frank, the direction we have been going for decades now is a monumental threat to our well-being and survival as a species.

If we focus on the actual chemical burden we are physically exposing our bodies to daily, it gets even more scary. With all of technology's many advancements also comes detrimental levels of RADIATION exposure.

From all of our gadgets; cell phones, laptops and tablets, to the network towers, power plants, x-ray machines, nuclear medicines, nuclear disasters and radiation therapy, we are all harboring dangerously high amounts of radiation in our bodies. One of the largest culprits behind the level of DNA/RNA damage and cell mutation cancers we see today.

Well that, along with countless others that are equally damaging like HEAVY METALS. Most people are completely unaware of just how many metals we are exposed to by the time we hit high school. Metal-laced beauty products like make-up, deodorants, hairsprays and lotions, synthetic perfumes and air fresheners, medications, antibiotics and birth control, vaccinations and dental fillings, all load our bodies with heavy metals by the time we are teens.

And that's not even including all other sources that have infiltrated our food supply, water supply and the air we breathe; plastics, vehicle exhaust emissions, power plant emissions, air pollutants, chemtrails, pesticides, herbicides and vices like cigarettes, vapes, and hard drugs. Heavy metals are seriously in everything!

The result is a population suffering from chronic fatigue, digestives diseases, immune-deficiency and auto-immune diseases, brain fog and concentration issues, insomnia and anxiety, arthritis and joint issues, headaches and migraines, rashes, neurological deficits and developmental disorders, mood disorders, infertility and reproductive issues, and cancers. It is seriously scary if you ask me!

We are exposed to so many more chemicals than we even know including all the ones we deliberately choose by our dietary and lifestyle choices. Truly, we must look at all sources of toxin overload that's collectively breaking down our health.

Our food is completely processed, genetically modified, laced with neuro-toxic pesticides and completely nutrient-depleted due to extensive minerally deficient soils.

Our water is toxified by fluoride, plastic, synthetic hormones and heavy metals. And our air is bombarded with chemical pollutants from various sources.

Everything we eat, breathe and drink is chemical. The stressful information we absorb through our eyes and ears and the negative mindsets it then creates in all of us, has led to serious division and disconnect as a society both emotionally and spiritually.

The way we are choosing to live couldn't violate nature's laws more and with all of this burdening our systems, how can we possibly be healthy and survive?

Our bodies are completely attacked on all fronts and they are breaking down, rapidly. The very things we need for ultimate survival are toxified and being tampered with. We need to wake up!

It is honestly a scary reality that we have this much exposure to toxicity today, depleting our vitality slowly, bit by bit. This should NEVER be allowed! We must become aware, much more than we have been and unite in stopping the insanity.

We need to start taking real action towards changing what's happening to our planet, our health and our livelihood. Sharing knowledge, making healthier choices in terms of food, medicine and environment, and refusing to support the major corporations behind this level of chemicalization, is a good start.

We must get back to nature and balance, and start taking back our power. We can't afford to keep sitting back anymore. We deserve a healthy life and a prosperous future ahead, not one filled with chronic illness and debilitating disease and suffering. A life with options and abundant access to a natural existence and all healing alternatives once again. I truly hope this makes some kind of a difference and just motivates anyone reading to start making some changes, or at least begin researching and self-informing.

We need to learn and understand the current state of our broken system, the corporate elite that have dictated this path of destruction, and all that's been allowed to go on for decades now. We must recognize the deliberate and complete misinformation and conditioning bestowed onto us since birth, and the total disempowerment we, the population, have accepted for ourselves as a result.

It's time to truly see the level of corruption that exists within our system and all the ways it is poisoning our minds, bodies and souls. Any changes towards helping the greater movement is incredibly beneficial. We are the masses, we really do have the power!

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