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The Truth about Yeast

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Many have this idea that yeast infections are a female issue, and although vaginal infections are common, they are far from being the only yeast problem.

Yeast overgrowth is common today, as health issues rise from continuous chemical exposure and damage to our microbiome.

Our internal "microbe matrix" is there purposefully, and lives harmoniously within us keeping us balanced and healthy. It is when we are perpetually assaulted by our environment and lifestyle choices that our inner terrain becomes toxic, and problems begin to occur with the way our microbiome behaves.

"If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat-diseased tissue-rather than being the cause of dead tissue. In other words, mosquitoes seek the stagnant water, but do not cause the pool to become stagnant" - Dr. Rudolph Virchow

As everyone knows, understanding the root cause is the only way to fixing any problem and treating yeast infections is no different. Modern medicine has it backwards when trying to manage yeast problems and illness in general. It is evidently the case as more often than not, people have continuous recurring symptoms.

Now before I get into it, I first want to clarify that yeast overgrowth in the body is so incredibly common. Almost everyone today is walking around with yeast/bacterial overgrowth issues. It all has to do with the poor state of our guts and the toxicity of our lifestyles and environment. The result is a disruption to our internal bacterial balance, leading to overgrowth and therefore bad symptomology.

Men and women alike both suffer yeast issues as it is almost unavoidable today, so for everyone out there who associates "yeast infection" with a VAGINAL infection, it is not only that! For us women, it can often present there, yes, as it is a warm moist environment where bacteria and yeasts thrive. But if you have the problem there, the origin is actually your gut.

Healing your gut becomes instrumental and the most vitally important part of healing your precious lady parts, and restoring proper balance systemically.

There are many other symptoms indicative of yeast problems though, yes for you men too! Rashes, oral thrush, cracks/scalloping on tongue or a white coating, itchy skin with or without the presence of a rash (often after shower), IBS, constant bloating, sugar/salt cravings, dehydration/dry mouth, weight gain, acne... and the list goes on.

Don't be fooled because you are a man, or because you are a woman without a present vaginal yeast infection. You could still be, and most likely are, rid with yeast. As I said, systemic yeast overgrowth exists in almost all of us today.

With that said, I am going to address the very common vaginal infection that far too many women endlessly suffer from today, specifically for a few women close to me. The list below of how to address gut imbalance dietarily however, is useful for all yeast issues.

So, ladies how do we fix this?


I feel our current medical system is looking linearly at the problem. Yes, there is overgrowth of yeast/ bacteria in the vagina that needs to be managed, but our bodies are these amazing workshops that have an entire internal system already in place to keep such things in balance. Our bodies automatically with enough "good" flora and a healthy overall terrain, keep the bad microbes in check.

As long as we have enough good flora, our bodies all by themselves ensure the bad ones don’t overgrow. You see, we are looking at the problem all wrong. It's not about killing off "bad" microbes, it's about cleaning up our body's internal environment and inoculating our digestive system with PROBIOTIC microbes. With a clean internal environment and enough good bacteria, the good guys do this "management" job for us.

Putting toxic creams inside the vagina only perpetuates the problem as good bacteria gets killed off too, as well as continually disrupting the internal balance and PH of the vagina. Orals are even worse because they actually cause more "good bacteria" die-off in our intestinal tract and deteriorate the lining, which is the reason we have an overgrowth anywhere else in the first place. When you have an existing infection, you MUST treat it naturally with things that will implant good bacteria, and nothing else!


Along with not manually killing off yeast with those harsh antifungals and instead raising our "good flora", we must also stop feeding the current existing yeast overgrowth. Bad bacteria/yeasts need to be starved out. The more you feed them the more they reproduce, and the cycle continues making it harder for your now incoming good bacteria to do its job.

Diet is NUMBER ONE here. Refined sugar must be cut from the diet completely, as well as all refined carbohydrates. If you love it, they love it! Most people don't realize that it is in fact our parasitic gremlins that make us crave certain foods in the first place. If you are a sugar or salt addict, you are undoubtedly rid with yeast.

Diet has to be super nutrient and water-rich, avoiding all sugar/ chemical-laden foods and beverages. (Remember all medications, pills, and vices like alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, cigarettes and drugs, kill off good bacteria). You should be eating primarily organic vegetables and leafy greens (yeast hates those!) and a diet super rich in astringent foods (lemon, ginger, garlic, onions, etc.) Your parasites will not be able to cause damage in a healthy environment.

You want to start eating copious amounts of fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, nut milk kefirs etc... to instill good bacteria back into your digestive tract. Fresh-pressed vegetable juices are excellent, and liters of lemon water a day are essential. Stop eating things that feed them, and start eating things that feed YOU! Cellular nourishment and hydration is vital for managing any health condition, yeast overgrowth included.


The vagina is supposed to be a highly acidic area. This deters yeast from being able to overgrow there. When the environment becomes too alkaline, this protective ability becomes obsolete. There are many things that alkalize the vagina. Sperm for one, douching, any creams or "cleansing" products, birth control, unhealthy diet, cellular dehydration etc.

The vagina is a self-cleaning entity and does not need to have things chronically inserted inside of it to restore its balance! You must address the imbalance from the root (your gut).

Unpasteurized organic APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (with the mother) is a great way to do this! Both internally and externally. It is helpful to take a bath with apple cider vinegar and soak your itching or burning vagina for 20 mins at least.

DO NOT insert apple cider vinegar into the vagina by douching. The bath is for symptom relief only. The way it helps your vagina is by inserting it into your mouth and therefore your gut! You should drink anywhere from 3 to 6 tablespoons of ACV in water a day.

Two TBLS in a glass of water 3 times a day, is a great start. This will balance PH within the body and also in your vagina. Always remember, our bodies work in a wonderfully synergistic way. Everything is interrelated and works together.

So in a nutshell that's it guys, just to re-cap…


-Stop using toxic creams/antifungals and treating yourself conventionally

-Stop feeding the yeast, and change your diet to organic whole foods one

-Stop cleaning your vagina with soap or any other toxic cleansing product (just water)

-Start drinking organic unflavoured Nut Milk Kefir (as much as you can in a day)

-Drink lots of lemon water/ homemade teas and bone broth

-Soak in ACV baths and drink 3 glasses (2 TBS in water- 3x a day)

-Rub some kefir on your labia (inner and outer lips) and insert some into vagina with clean fingers (yes, this is okay as it is a PRO-biotic, plus for symptoms, it will feel so good and is mainly for that)

-You can for very short periods of time put a garlic clove up vagina (to help alleviate very extensive infections only... do not do this for any prolonged period of time, as it can disrupt bacterial balance further)

-You can rub coconut oil as well all around vaginal opening


-Change diet completely to an organic whole foods one that doesn't feed yeast, stop all toxic factors that create yeast overgrowth (meds, pills, antibiotics, vices, processed foods, caffeine, MSG, white sugar/ aspartame/ all sugar substitutes, alcohol, drugs etc.)

-Consume lots of fermented foods and nut milk kefir, probiotics

-Adequately hydrate all day long (fresh-pressed vegetable juice, homemade teas, lemon water, ACV water, water kefir/kombucha, homemade broth etc.)

-Do not treat yourself conventionally for any infections you may have in the future. The more you treat yourself conventionally and don't address the root, the more often you will have recurring infections. If you treat properly every time moving forward, they will decrease in frequency until they stop occurring completely!

Best of luck to all yeast-suffering readers, don't worry you can absolutely get a handle of this and fix your systemic and vaginal yeast problems for good!

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