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A Bridge to Unity

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

What if we have been deliberately led to division, and what if we actually had the power to change it?

Some believe that the way of our current system has been strategically designed to keep people apart. That we have been taught to adopt negative thoughts and fear-based mindsets that further a divisive agenda for humanity.

This is thought to be the most efficient way to control the masses and keep us from reaching our highest consciousness. We have all heard the expression: "Divide to conquer", which literally states we are more easily overtaken when divided.

What if dividing humanity was the goal, and all of our systems were set up as they are to achieve this mission?

"It is not our differences that divide us, it is our inability to recognize who is pulling the strings" - Koral Auerbach

We have surely all heard the words: "We are stronger together than apart", and there truly couldn't be a more valuable message. If we take a look back in time, this is exactly how man lived. Roaming free and working together to survive and thrive. Community was important and each individual relied on their fellow man to trade goods and services. There was always an element of unity among humans and a joining of forces to achieve what was needed. If we were to truly look within, there are two things we all have in common; our innate potential for good and our wholehearted desire to feel universally connected. If we would all listen deeply to our souls, we would see we deserve peace, freedom and a sense of unity. To feel liberated and to be authentic; completely free of judgement. This is the way we are all destined to be, but it only becomes possible to achieve if we come together.

"The reason why the world lacks unity and lies broken and in heaps, is because man is disunited with himself " - Ralph Waldo Emerson

In this physical world we live as humans, we have witnessed much division. We have slowly over time moved away from the collective unit we are meant to thrive in. The society we live in drives us apart in many ways without us even realizing it. It drives us away from truly connecting with ourselves soulfully and from connecting with others.

It drives us to fear and judgement, and a non-acceptance of difference. We have been programmed to believe many things over our lifetime, and live in a society that conditions our minds continuously through information and subliminal messagery imposed onto us from many sources.

What our parents were taught and teach us, what our school system teaches us, our government system, healthcare system, what our history books say, the information from the television and media outlets, the music we listen to and what our neighbors and friends think and say, all play a role in conditioning our minds to believe many things.

We begin absorbing it all from very young and before we know it, this programming inadvertently shapes our very thoughts, opinions, beliefs and decisions in life. Every time we judge someone for living their life differently or sharing an opposing view, we are manifesting the divide. To many, community means similarity. But true unity only requires one thing; for each soul to embody love (our highest energetic frequency), and always possess the purest intentions.

Difference is not division. We have just been made to believe that. Difference is diversity, and diversity is ultimate strength. When unique souls from different racial backgrounds, religions, ages, life experiences and beliefs can come together, you have the strongest collective unit of all. The energy force behind that is one no words can describe! Imagine a world without judgement or expectation. A world without imposed "rules" or laws that dictate our every move and thought, and keep us divided. Imagine we could all just simply be, and respect every soul out there that we share this Earth with. Every single one of us has a right to walk this journey any way that we need to. All we ever need is to support each other and share the common mindset; to live and let live. We each have a path to follow, and supporting one another along our journeys is all we should ever be doing.

We are all beautiful beings and pure souls within, with a fascinating personal story to live and tell. One embedded in every smile, every tear and every scar we carry. We all have more in common than we think and it's time to team up like never before.

Imagine what we could do if we all came together and let our united positive energy purify the planet once again. All we need is to start shifting our mindsets away from the negative vortex they have been trapped in, and free ourselves to vibrate at the higher frequency we are destined to.

We must begin to view ourselves, the world and people differently; positively. To replace judgement with acceptance, fear with love, doubt with faith and isolation with unity. Everything is about perception.

How we choose to view or think about something is what will determine our emotions and actions that then follow. This power for positive change is right at our fingertips and it can all start right now if we want it. Is there a better time than right in this moment?

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