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Are we Living Naturally?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

The best way to know if we are living in the healthiest way for ourselves and the planet, is to learn how our ancestors once lived and how other cultures are currently living around the world today.

The western world operates much differently than other parts, and the level of materialism, over-consumerism, societal pressures and accelerated lifestyles, surely has its downfalls.

As a population, we are more stressed and sick than ever before and far less healthy than many other countries across the globe. It is time we start truly analyzing why this is and what we can do about it...

In our modern world of busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, we can often find ourselves too occupied to slow down. This on-the-go existence can prove to be quite detrimental to our well-being long-term.

Continually racing minds and a never ending to-do list, lead to higher levels of stress in our bodies. This results in the suppression of many other essential systems; immune, digestive and reproductive. When we are constantly distracted, overloaded or stagnant in our lives, stress within the body occurs. The body then responds internally as if under attack. This "fight or flight" response evokes many processes and hormonal fluctuations that alter the way the body behaves.

We are internally designed to survive and so when perceived to be under threat, the body goes into overdrive as ensuring its survival becomes top priority. It must address the "danger" at all costs.

This becomes problematic health-wise when stress continues for a prolonged period of time. The human body truly is a magnificently crafted system, but one who's intricate inner design must be respected. Humans are designed to be free and feel peace, and our internal system functions best when in a state of balance. Stress comes in many forms and truly understanding all that is needed to remain centered, is key.

We thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually when our minds, bodies and souls are properly nourished.

"Balance is not something you find, it's something you create" - Jana Kingsford

There are many aspects of our current lives that don't promote wellness or comply with nature's laws. Besides the mental and emotional stresses we face day to day, there are a number of contributing factors that can hinder our ability to experience ultimate vitality.

Our thoughts and mindsets, as well as everything that physically enters our bodies which does not nourish them, encourages an internal environment susceptible to illness.

Chemical processed diets, poor quality water, air pollutants and sedentary living contribute largely.

Over-use of medications, excessive electromagnetic frequencies and inadequate exposure to natural light, all create a perfect recipe for dis-ease. So what does it mean to live naturally, and how do we do this?

All living life needs nature to survive. We all share this earth symbiotically and thrive together because of it. Our interaction with others, having a positive mindset and connecting to our environment, plays a fundamental role in our well-being.

Eating organically grown food, drinking quality water, breathing fresh air, getting sun exposure and being active outdoors, are essential.

Taking time to truly unwind mentally, process our emotions fully, and focus consciously on being present in our lives, can prove to be the most powerful of all.

The simplest of things are actually what make the greatest difference for our overall health.

To me, living naturally means living in sync with nature and utilizing all of what has been provided for us to just exist peacefully. Living without restriction, following our deepest desires and truly connecting with ourselves and others, is incredibly healing.

Spending hours outside, walking barefoot on the earth or sand, hugging our loved ones and laughing frequently, are all things that help tremendously raise our spirit and vibration.

We can all do these things and begin our journey back towards a more natural existence.

If we just take a moment to breathe and simply be, without distraction or interruption, we would see how important these things are for our wellness.

Allow yourself to truly connect to the world you are in and appreciate the beauty of it all. Adventure, excitement, stimulation and fulfilment, lead to growth, health and true inner peace. Now, could we not all use a little more of that?

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