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Why are we being Censored?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

When wealthy tech giants are constantly removing posts from our social platforms that counter the mainstream media's narrative and choosing for us which information we get to see, the only questions to ask are...

Who is giving them incentive to do this, and why?

Technology moguls are being prompted to eliminate any information that goes against what our governments and "health experts" are saying, even though much of the circulating information on the internet is the research and findings of many doctors and health experts across the globe.

These people have studied and worked in medicine for decades, yet their logical arguments and expertise are completely undermined and erased from view... why?

Censorship has been ramped up like never before during the course of this whole global crisis; with countless websites, social media posts, and YouTube channels being completely removed from view.

"Fact-checked" and "False information" are the justifications given as to why this information is just eliminated without our consent. The internet is our way of communicating with the world. These social media platforms are our way of accessing each other across the globe, sharing knowledge and information, and learning what truly goes on in other parts of the world.

For any of the downsides it can potentially come with, the internet is truly our greatest asset in bringing us all together. We connect through these platforms and can help each other get to any truth we may be seeking.

How is it anyone's choice but our own what we have access to in terms of information?

"Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information, is the tool of the dictatorship" - Bruce Coville

I understand there are some who feel that censorship can be a good thing, but when it comes to accessing information on anything that has to do with our health and well-being as citizens, we deserve to have all sides.

During any "crisis" especially, when our lives have been altered and people have suffered, being deliberately sheltered from information that could potentially benefit us in any way is outrageous.

There have been countless doctors, researchers, virologists and experts in the health field, that have spoken out since the onset and throughout this "pandemic" stating many inaccuracies with the original models, predictions, restrictions, treatments and overall handling of this global lockdown.

Any findings that counter the mainstream narrative are removed from these platforms. These experts have been silenced and their monumental findings removed. We must truly ask ourselves, why would this be?

There is never just one side to any story. There are many perspectives, many findings and potentially many truths. We are entitled to be given the choice to decide for ourselves what our best options are in any situation. Especially ones concerning our health!

I, for one, take pride in my ability to decipher my own truth from any claims made by anyone else, "expert" or not. If we really think about it, what makes something true in the first place?

To me, truth is about perception, no matter how many "scientific journals" say otherwise. I believe we are all intelligent, critically thinking individuals, and we all have our own skillset in life and our own belief system.

Should we not always be given all possible information so we can choose for ourselves what is true?

This shift of power from us, the people, to them, the governments and globalists, is a shift that happened somewhere along the line, but one that has the potential to be incredibly dangerous.

We are all entitled to live freely and exercise our constitutional right of freedom of choice and expression. When we are stripped of the ability to share information, voice our opinions or choose what is best for our own bodies and health, we are facing one of the most monumental violations of our liberties.

We were always intended to be freely in control of our own lives and make our own choices for our health. Somehow our current hierarchal system has been conveniently designed to take these responsibilities away from us.

So who are the people responsible for censoring our information, and why are they dictating for us? Well, this is a long story and one I surely can not fully cover in this one article, but it is important we understand where our information comes from in the first place and the effect it has on our thoughts and opinions when only given one version of any story. The "mainstream media" is a series of news corporations appointed to deliver us true life events.

But, how do we know that what is being delivered is the full truth, or the truth at all?

Some may say it is skeptical, but I personally believe there is never only one perspective in any situation. Independent journalism once existed indeed, but this changed years ago as many news outlets were bought out by some very wealthy men with certain global agendas in mind.

If we only ever have one message delivered to us and everyone receives that same message from the same source of information, it is quite plausible to deduce that it becomes relatively easy to control what the population thinks and believes.

Quite advantageous for those seeking a level of control, yet quite dangerous for those seeking freedom. But why would these wealthy men want to control us? It can seem daunting or even unbelievable to conceive that some wealthy individuals would want to control us all.

However, if we truly begin sifting through REAL history, we can quickly see that these wealthy men didn't just buy up most of the news corporations, but have used their money to secure many in their circle positions of power in government, industry, agriculture, the health care system, and the judicial system.

If we really understand that a few at the top are truly behind the decision-making of all industries that make up our system, we can see just how easy it is to ensure their pockets remain forever full.

Is there a more plausible reason to control the masses than money and power?

For our lives to be turned upside down, forced into lockdown, forced to wear masks on our faces and forced to avoid other humans, to have our economy completely tanked, be tracked and traced, and told we can possibly never be free again until we all take forced medicine... we must really take a step back and rationally evaluate exactly what is happening, and what kind of infringement on our freedom this all really is. All for a "virus" that has a death rate of less than other major "pandemics" of the past. When stripped of the right to access all information that can clarify any of this for us, it makes it quite difficult to establish how much of any of this is remotely valid and how much is complete overreach and oppressive tyranny.

Censorship serves only one purpose in circumstances like these; to filter information and control what we know. If one can control someone's beliefs, they can completely control them.

The power of the mind is miraculous, but also easily manipulated and conditioned if allowed. What we absorb every day from our environment shapes our very thoughts and opinions.

We are all so individual and unique, and were never intended to all have the same thoughts, opinions or beliefs. The answers we need are always within us, and that is different for each person.

We have been made to believe we can not decipher our own truth and conditioned to believe we need others to decide for us what is best for us. Awareness abolishes ignorance and it is time we learn the real truth.

It is not a virus we should fear, but the ones convincing us we need to live this way. This "new normal" is the furthest thing from normal, and only we have the power to change it. It is time to take our freedom back. We are the masses, we have the numbers and we must never forget that together, we have the power.

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