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The Mind+ Body+ Soul Connection

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

What if although we walk this earth as physical, tangible beings, we are actually made up of and surrounded by invisible energies that are the entire building blocks of who we are?

What if we are actually more metaphysical than physical and the true essence of who we actually are is everything that is not tangible?

When it comes to health, there is so much more to know than just the state of our physical bodies and so much more to address when looking to heal any imbalances and ailments that already exist.

Who we are is so much more than the tangible, and we must connect to that to allow for true healing.

"Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life" - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

For many of us, when it comes to maintaining our health or healing ourselves from illness, there is often a dominant focus on addressing our bodies from a physical perspective.

Now, don't get me wrong, it is incredibly important to ensure we maintain a healthy body terrain, but without also addressing all other factors it becomes quite difficult to heal fully. The power of the mind+ body+ soul connection. We must always look at the body as a whole; our physical body of organs, bones, tissues and cells, our mental and emotional state of being, as well as our spiritual energy balance. This perfect symbiotic tripod is what ultimately fosters true homeostasis (balance and health) within the body.

If one of these 3 legs of the stool is missing, it all begins to fall apart. Every aspect of how our physical bodies are crafted is directly affected by our mental, emotional and spiritual state. All require attention when experiencing illness of any kind. Everything about who we are as humans is made up of energy. Our cells get energized by the energy from the elements of nature, our thoughts and emotions directly affect energy flow in the body by altering cellular chemistry and our soul is the vital energy force that is the essence of what we actually are.

Energy is within us and all around us, and plays a significant role in how well or unwell we feel. Imbalances in energy flow can be caused by many factors, so establishing what factors have contributed to the development of any illness is key.

When we eat poorly, have insufficient exposure to nature, stress endlessly and allow negative mindsets to take hold, we have a perfect recipe for illness. Our physical bodies require nourishment from the elements of nature; sun, water, air and the earth's magnetism.

Along with these primary energy sources, humans also gain nourishment from organic whole foods and contact with other living beings. Ensuring a balanced circadian rhythm and a body that is nutritionally and energetically balanced, is a must.

None of these should be underestimated in their power for restoring our health when we are experiencing any form of illness. Like all animals, we have an ideal diet and habitat for survival, and one that is conducive to ensuring we thrive. We must always ensure we are following the lifestyle intended for our physiology. The power of our minds is unbelievable, and the information stored in our conscious and subconscious minds actually manifests biological changes to our cellular chemistry.

Our thoughts, the way we speak to ourselves and how we think about others and the world, all impact our bodies physically in either a positive or negative way.

This stored information can either support proper energy flow within the body or manifest blockages that result in misalignment and the development of physical ailments.

So much of our physical body's ills are related to emotional and spiritual wounds, and the programming of our subconscious mind. It is incredibly important to understand this relationship, as many continually suffer despite following a healthy diet and exercise regime.

The subconscious mind holds more information then one would imagine. With countless memories, images, thoughts, emotional scars programmed in there like computer software.

Most of our behaviours, responses and the decisions we make are a result of those stored "programs". Any negative and traumatic information imbedded, especially in the first 7 years of life, will affect how we conduct ourselves throughout the rest of our lives.

Recognizing this conditioning and correcting our negative mindsets and unhealthy behavioural patterns, will foster our ability to properly and fully heal from within.

We are fundamentally just energy and our physical casing is just a manifestation of that energy. We function symbiotically with energy all around us. Energy from the earth, energy from the elements of nature, energy from each other and all living life, energy from our food and the energy that is our "gut instinct", guiding us throughout our lives.

I always say we are souls having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience. Connecting deeply within is vital for our health. Something very difficult to do in our current modern era of fast-paced living, and endless responsibilities.

Taking time to be introspective, truly listening to ourselves and our needs and just existing, is so incredibly beneficial for overall health and wellness. Attaining a true sense of calm and peace is the ultimate goal, and one that is always possible if we can just stop doing and simply be. The stress we feel is completely self-induced, and a result of imbalanced energy within. We often think it is from outer influences or based on circumstance due to the lives we are living, but stress is only self-created.

We are solely in control of our stress, and whether or not we allow unhealthy thought patterns to lead us to illness. The power to heal is within each of us, we must just recognize that ability and our role in ensuring it.

We have the power to heal old wounds, listen to our soul's truest desires, change our mindsets and nourish our bodies nutritionally. We can actually do anything we want to, anytime we ever want to.

That is the true innate beauty of the mind+ body+ soul connection. We are actually our greatest healer and the truest form of medicine there is. It just takes a single moment to realize it.

When is your moment?

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