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What is Health?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

With so much talk about health these days, there is still so much misunderstood about all it really takes to truly be healthy.

We all know eating vegetables and drinking water is essential for our bodies to function optimally, but how much more do we need to consider when it comes to experiencing ultimate vitality?

"The human body is the best picture of the human soul" - Tony Robbins

The word "health" is so readily tossed around these days. With constantly emerging weight-loss fads, the barrage of medication commercials and multitude of fitness "ideals" constantly bombarding us, the talk about health is all consuming. But what does it mean to truly be healthy?

To most people it generally means taking care of our bodies physically by keeping fit via exercise and consuming a nutritious, well-balanced diet. And that indeed is a huge part of being healthy and not one to be taken lightly, but what about all the other areas of health; emotional, mental, spiritual?

There are many aspects that together make up a healthy human. People often fail to realize the negative impact on our physical health due to existing emotional stress factors. One of the main things to pay attention to is the unique synergy of the mind, body and soul, and major importance of its continual balance.

There is a huge correlation between the health of our tangible bodies, and that of our intangible minds and vital life force energy. More often than not, nutritional deficiencies, taxed/damaged organs and toxin-overload, are the culprits behind many psychological and emotional illnesses, and vice versa! There is a perfect symbiotic relationship there, and one to always be acknowledged and respected.

The power of the mind is unbelievable, and if we would let it, we'd see that the old saying "mind over matter" really does bare true. This power, if harnessed properly, can change any negative experience to a positive one. I call it "The art of compartmentalizing our emotions!" The ability we all do possess to view each situation for what it truly is, without our emotion's distraction.

A change of perspective; a conscious choice to view ourselves or a situation, differently. The choice to find a silver lining and uncover a deeper meaning behind it all. The power of our thoughts for health is information that is only in recent years resurfacing. But years ago, many ancient tribes and medicine men knew of the importance of mindset for our well-being.

Our thoughts literally have the power to make or break us, and play the most significant role in our health and futures. Positive thoughts bring positive results, and remaining in a negative state of mind will be detrimental to health long-term, and the outcome of our spiritual journeys.

Thoughts are energy, and the energy we put out is the energy that comes back to us. Having a negative mindset is one of the largest culprits behind the heavy onslaught of illnesses we see today. Something so seldom discussed in the modern world.

Now, nobody has a life free of challenges, stress or tragedy, and I am no exception. I have lived my fair share of heartache and illness, but every time I find myself wallowing, depleted and alone, I choose to see the bigger picture.

I look at exactly what's happening in my life; a personal emotional challenge, an opportunity lost, the death of a loved one, the tragic ending of a romantic relationship, chronic illness or any traumatic experience. And I consciously use every ounce of my soul and the power of my mind to freeze frame my emotions. I sit back, breathe, and look at WHY I am going through it in the first place.

Where is my mindset at? What choices am I making? What must I learn here?

There are no coincidences in life. There is a purpose behind everything!

Now leading me to the spiritual side of things, bigger than all the rest. A concept many may be unfamiliar with or simply don't believe exists. One that often defies science or tangible evidence and proof. The notion that there is a destined journey for all of us.

Regardless of the choices we make along the way, there is an intentional outcome to be achieved. It is our soul's journey and the true purpose behind all of our life's experiences as humans. There is a specific path of evolution to be followed, and a maximal potential to be reached.

Now to remotely understand any of this, we must first acknowledge that our soul, and the organism that is our physical body, are two separate entities that work symbiotically together. For all the skeptics, this idea can seem foreign if not deluded, but based on my own personal experience, my true belief is that beyond our magnificently crafted tangible bodies of tissues, cells, organs and bones, exists a spirit within.

We are made up of vital life force energy, and it is who we truly are deep down. The essence of our existence. Who we really are, is all we can't actually see. It is that gut instinct and powerful guiding energy that exists inside all of us. A soul, that if we'd actually allow ourselves to pay attention to, we'd realize holds all the answers to every question, worry, doubt or fear we ever encounter in our lifetime.

There truly is a far bigger reason we are all here, and why our lives are all so individual and unique to us. There are lessons to be learned and stages of evolution to be acquired. We all have a deeper purpose here than the day-to-day details of the human life we preoccupy ourselves with.

Acknowledging all of the factors that determine whether or not we are actually balanced, is key. Realizing that so much about our environment, mindset, diets and lifestyles, affect our well-being. Whether that is positively or negatively is on us, and lies in the choices we make for ourselves. We can change our lives at any time. Re-structure them any way that we want to, if and when we ever need to.

We are free beings and have the power to choose how to spend our own existence, and how to truly feed our own souls. Everything that is happening is for our evolvement at the end of the day. Remember that timing is everything, and we are always exactly where we need to be. Feeding our mind, body and soul, and choosing the life we want for ourselves at all costs, is all we need to be focusing on.

It is truly looking deep within, and addressing all aspects that affect our well-being, that leads us to a place of balance and ultimately fosters the ability for true health and wellness. When you can properly nourish your body, stimulate your mind, and always listen to your soul's deepest desires, then and only then will you truly be "healthy". #healthymind #healthybody #happysoul

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