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Why Naturopathy?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Holistic medicine comprises of many principles that symbiotically help restore health when dis-ease occurs. The many "tentacles" of Eastern medicine, all share the general principle of addressing the body as a whole.

Something so fundamentally important when trying to correct imbalances that disrupt its function and leave us feeling ill.

"Primary causes of all diseases is the violation of nature's laws" -Dr. S. R. Jindal

There are various medicinal practices, ones dating back centuries in fact, that have been healing humans all over the globe for eons, and still do today. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to name two, are amazing approaches proven powerfully successful and ones I respect greatly! There are different energy healing practices such as reiki, acupuncture, chakra balancing, crystal healing, meditation and therapeutic deep breathing that are incredibly beneficial, and are all a part of holistic healing.

The basic principle behind Naturopathy, is to support our body's internal system and healing ability using all nature has to offer. Essentially, all holistic medicines share a main common philosophy; the importance of re-balancing one's body and energy following natural methods.

In Naturopathy, this includes getting to the root of the imbalances (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual), correcting nutritional deficiencies, detoxifying accumulative impurities within the body, changing lifestyle choices that foster illness, as well as applying therapeutic techniques for healing stress, emotional trauma and restoring a positive mindset.

In my opinion, these are the most effective ways to actually reverse disease, as it is exactly an imbalance in all of these areas that leads to illness in the first place. It would only make sense to address the root cause by making restorative lifestyle and dietary changes, and implementing natural remedial therapies to rebalance.

This requires first understanding how the human system is actually designed, as well as what we, as a species, truly need for ultimate survival and wellness. We need to understand the effects of our environment and the role it plays in our health, or lack thereof! It's time we all ask ourselves if we are actually living in a way that is conducive to what we really need for true health.

The concept of us being in control of our health, not only made perfect sense to me as I began learning of the true history of medicine, but never once failed me when healing myself from all illnesses I have personally suffered. The idea that we are responsible for the health of our own body's "terrain" by the lifestyle choices we make, and that nature truly has provided all we need to thrive, will forever be a philosophy I live by.

If we just actually follow the diets and lifestyles that humans are intended to, we would experience vitality most of us have never seen in our lives so far. I have addressed every health issue I have ever had, minor and major, by fundamentally changing my habits and mindset to being conducive to wellness and not illness, with success each and every time. I have personally watched what nature and I can do together, and we are indeed a force to be reckoned with!

To me, it just boils down to logic, and as I learned about the human body over the last 15 years of my life, I can concretely say we are designed to be healthy and to heal from disease! Whether we actually do or not, is on us. Belief and self-empowerment is key. Connecting back with nature and properly feeding our systems all they need physically, emotionally and spiritually, is the very best way.

Our current medical paradigm is an incomplete one. Although, not taking away the life saving miracles that have been achieved in critical emergent care situations, it is my profound belief that when it comes to the treatment of chronic diseases and illnesses, holistic medicine is the best overall approach.

It addresses ALL areas of health, not just the physical ailments themselves. Natural medicine is equipped with therapies our current medical system knows nothing about. Taking the conventional Western approach of loading the body with toxic man-made medications that chemically control our own physiology or opting for surgery to remove precious vital organs, will only ever avoid addressing the origin of the health issue and further an already existing imbalance.

Work with your body and its intricate inner design, not against it! As long as you follow this principle, you will be well on your way to reaching ultimate wellness!

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1 Comment

So well said...maintaining our health is the most important of all life's necessities for without it we can enjoy little else. There is so much chronic illness today and even more states of ill health that may not have an actual diagnosis but yet is a sub part existence of feeling just not 100%...

Awareness and action is all it takes to make a difference for the rewards are without compare. It may not always be a steady journey this road to improvement for we are human but it is most important to get back in the saddle if you slip off. The more you adhere to health principles the more improvement will be felt and that feeling will be…

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