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Circumcision: misconceptions

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Now is this ever a controversial one! This has proven to be about as highly sensitive a subject as vaccines, and that's saying a lot!

Everyone has their opinions on whether they are for or against circumcision, and I surely have mine, but I just wanted to bring some attention to some health aspects I feel are perhaps not considered when opting to take this decision.

Before I get into it all, I just want to say that all I will mention in this article is truly my opinion based on my own experience and research. We are all entitled to our own choices in life, I only wish to cast light on some of the health facts that are sometimes overlooked.

"Because the beauty of the human body is that it hasn't a single muscle which doesn't serve its purpose; that there's not a line wasted; that every detail of it fits one idea, the idea of a man and the life of a man" - Ayn Rand

I have to start off by saying, that all I will mention in this article is in no way

a negative judgement on men who are circumcised. It was no one's choice to have been circumcised themselves, and it does not ever change my view of any man because of this.

I am just giving my personal opinion on what I feel are true misconceptions fostering people's choice to circumcise their sons, and will be sharing my health perspective on what I truly feel to be the downsides of making this choice.

As you all know by now, my belief in holistic health and always following the natural way of things would surely lead me to the consensus that what exists naturally is with purpose, and therefore should not be removed. Well, you are right. That is exactly what I think and here's why...

First, we must look at the real purpose behind foreskin. Many seem to think that it has no grand purpose at all. But it in fact has many. Every part of the human body has purpose and is there for good reason, foreskin included. If it were not the case, every single baby boy would be born without it, right? But universally without fail, every male is born with this essential excess skin as part of their shaft, as surely it is intended to be this way.

Foreskin most definitely has purpose, and serves important protective, sensory and sexual functions. Much like the same way us women have the protective "prepuce hood" over our clitoris, men have a "prepuce" protection of their own; the foreskin that covers their glans. It is important to protect such significantly sensitive parts of our reproductive anatomy.

Foreskin is a specialized tissue packed with essential sensory nerves, ones that get damaged with its removal. The result is an unprotected glans that self-callouses, leaving behind a penis with far less sensation. Though men who are circumcised fortunately never know this difference, most feel about half what men with foreskin feel in terms of sexual pleasure.

This has been a point of contention for many men that have confided in me, though, and I have seen in some cases, extreme hyper-sensitivity as well, oftentimes a result of the procedure inadequately performed.

Foreskin plays a vital role in self-lubricating the penis during sexual activities, maximizing pleasure. The shaft's movement within its own sheath allows for minimally invasive friction against a woman's vaginal walls during sex, and lubrication throughout the experience remains plentiful for both because of it!

In my own personal experience, I have generally noticed that sex with circumcised men tends to be rougher, more vigorous. This is possibly due to their lack of full sensation. This more vigorous penetration can often cause more vaginal dryness for women, and has been linked to higher cases of UTI's and vaginal infections. Again, a point of contention for many women that have confided in me.

Excessive friction during sex, prevents women's arousal fluid from moving through her vaginal walls as effectively. Irritation, pain and inflammation often follows. I have also noticed that contrarily, uncircumcised men tend to be more soft, tempered lovers and often more vocal in bed.

Perhaps a complete coincidence, or possibly due to their ability to feel such heightened sexual pleasure. Now, this is just a generalization and overall observation from my own personal experiences and that of others who have spoken to me about theirs.

Now, the main misconception we seem to have as a population when it comes to foreskin, is cleanliness. I really want to debunk this notion! It is just simply not true that uncircumcised men can not clean their penis adequately because of their foreskin. Or that the bacteria they may harbor there poses any risk to themselves or women. Men and women worldwide have been handling uncircumcised penises for millennia.

I have been in intimate long-term relationships with uncircumcised men, and never has there ever been any difficulty to clean this area, or any increase in vaginal infections. It is tissue that can cover the majority of the head of the penis when not erect, but that pulls back in completion to fully expose it.

There is just no issue with this tissue when it comes to cleanliness! This notion was created for religious reasons initially, and has now just become another very lucrative procedure for the conventional medical system to profit from. One where its disadvantages are not entirely put forth.

The second issue that people seem to have with foreskin in this day and age, is that esthetically it is not as pleasing. Personally again, I could not disagree with this more or be more discouraged by that statement. I absolutely think a natural penis, designed exactly as it was meant to be is a downright beautiful thing!

I think as a society we are very conditioned. Conditioned to think as others do. Conditioned to make judgements and form opinions based on what we think the norm is, or what we have been programmed to believe is acceptable. I have personally never in my life seen an uncircumcised penis and found it unappealing visually because of its protective extra layer.

I profoundly believe that it is against nature's design to remove such an essential part of a man's sexual anatomy. (Again, not a judgement to any of you circumcised men out there!) I just truly think it's unfortunate that something as beneficial and natural as foreskin, is viewed in any kind of negative light.

At the end of the day, each to their own and everyone is entitled to their opinions and choices in life. I am just sharing my own personal view. I can only stand by my view point that everything about the way we are crafted is significant and miraculous, and know many men that have gotten a lot of flack for having their skin.

Something I have always found outrageous. I truly feel this response from women is especially senseless and surprising, considering the important role foreskin plays in our sexual enhancement, as well.

To me, it has always been incomprehensible that a man should ever be made to feel that one of the most vitally important parts of his sexual health and excitement, is a bad thing.

So, for all the uncircumcised men out there, this post is for you. Every man deserves to be accepted for being designed exactly as nature intended.

And for all you circumcised men, this of course is in no way intended to be offensive in any way, and your man parts are just as gorgeous as all others! I don't doubt many of you are happy with your circumcision, as well.

I just truly wanted to bring attention to such an important topic, one with health aspects so easily ignored. I do hope it is informative to all reading, as it is with the very best intentions I have written it.

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