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Soul Sex

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

What if the way we have been having sex and everything we have been taught about sex all our lives, is missing so much of the most fundamental aspects of what intimacy is actually about?

"I don't want to make love, I want to rub my soul up against yours and watch love make us"- Michelle Schaper

All this time we have been taught about the mechanics of sex; our reproductive anatomy, how to have "safe" sex, how to "perform" in bed to please sexually etc. Most of which is learned by the system and through our peers and the experiences of others around us. When we begin having experiences of our own, most people are performing regurgitated information they've received about sex over the years. Never truly understanding or connecting on a deep emotional and spiritual level to their partners and learning exactly what real sex is supposed to be about.

We have actually never been taught what proper connection, intimacy and demonstration of that emotional bond really is. Speaking as a millennial, we have been brought up into such an unhealthy over-sexualized society where sex has been so inaccurately portrayed and grossly misinterpreted.

The level of global insecurity and complete lack of self-identity due to all of the stigmas surrounding sex, has seriously misguided humanity and led us very far away from true spiritual connection in respect to everything about life and our sexuality.

Most men from teenage-hood find their self-worth based on how many sexual partners they can attain. So much of their time is spent looking at women sexually, chasing women, trying to woo women and trying to have as much physical sex as they possibly can.

Missing the most important thing of all; that sexual energy is not at all being used for what it is designed for that way. Fostering inner healing and connecting within deeply enough to understand how to fully connect with another soul and create true alchemy, is the true spiritual purpose of the act.

Most women from the time they are going through puberty gain their self-worth through trying to be as physically attractive as possible and how sexually appealing they can be to men; how to get their attention, seduce them and please them.

Missing just how innately powerful their feminine sexual energy really is if it is ignited and supported correctly and just how important it is to connect to that power source. Its potential to foster the highest levels of healing, creation and manifestation for the good of all souls and the collective energy force is unbelievable, if utilized properly.

Viewing sex as a physical act and not a soul-expanding spiritual connection, is all toxic conditioning intentionally designed to block our ability to connect to ourselves and sexual partners fully and to reach our highest consciousness.

This manipulation of the way we have been trained to misunderstand sex completely and ourselves in regards to sex, is incredibly low vibrational and could not be further away from what we should be connecting to. Physical pleasure should be an extension of spiritual wholeness, connection and security. The most important part of sex is the bond you feel to the one you are making love to.

Sexual energy is a potent vibrational frequency that originates from the sacral center and is destined to be used to clear blockages allowing us to connect to ourselves fully on the deepest level. This self-awareness journey is a process that will lead to our maximal enlightenment and allow us to reach our highest manifestation ability.

We are to connect and open ourselves completely to tap into this energy and allow it to work exactly the way it is supposed to; to heal and liberate, and allow us to become the master manifestors we are all here to be.

To do this we must first have our emotional, sexual and spiritual needs met by our partnership. We cannot open fully and access or raise vibration when there is a lack of connection in these areas. Feeling in lack, unseen or misunderstood in any way will block our ability to connect fully. We must be honest about what we need and not compromise our soul's needs.

When we do this we are actually creating sexual alchemy. Alchemy is the concept of the transformation of matter. Matter is just energy, and sexual alchemy is a profound journey of transformation that uses our own sexual frequency to tune into our ability to heal, raise vibration, shift consciousness and ensure we attract all we need to continue on our path to ultimate spiritual evolvement.

There are a lot of industries that have contributed to conditioning humanity this way and with evil intent to keep us away from knowing our power. This has led to complete misguidance and alienation from what true connection and unity amongst souls should be and all we are actually here to experience and understand about who and what we truly are.

This has led to the only real pandemic that exists in this world; deep-seeded insecurity, total disconnection from source and the suppression of our soul growth potential.

Mind control and the stifling of spiritual development using fear, insecurity and disempowerment has paralyzed an entire globe, leading to dangerously low self-esteem, inability to see, love and appreciate self, jealousy/self-hatred and other low-vibration emotions, and constant comparison and competition with others around us.

This has gone as far as pushing many to surgically altering their beautiful human temples with toxic implants, injections and other additions to alter their natural look. All in the name of appearing sexier and feeling worthy.

"She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful for the way she thought. She was beautiful for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. No, she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful deep down to her soul"- F.Scott Fitzgerald

How disconnected we have become from everything we should know and feel about our own beauty and sexuality.

The negative way we talk to ourselves is tragic and can be severe enough to push many to any lengths to feel whole and secure. I feel it is such a sad truth that so many of us experience feelings of inadequacy when we are all so unique and pure exactly as we are. We are not here on this planet to succumb to human mind control. We are here to fight against all of it and transcend our souls.

It is devastating that we have been so wrongly taught and have gone so many years without truly knowing and understanding the power of the energy we carry inside and how it is meant to be used and shared.

We have allowed ourselves to become prey to this low frequency mind manipulation where we don't even connect to how utterly amazing we all are exactly as we are; exactly as we entered this earth and as nature designed us to be; mind, body and soul.

However, the tide is turning now and we are learning all we've been robbed of for the first part of our lives. The great awakening and ascension is underway and so many of us are realizing there is so much more to our existence here than what we have been conditioned to believe. The depth of all we are here to do is only becoming more and more clear as we evolve further and cripple the industries that led us here.

There is a massive transition happening that each one of us as individuals play the most crucial role in. Every conscious choice we make for ourselves in our own human lives contributes to the liberty and betterment of all humanity.

When we dig deep, seek expansion and a deeper understanding of ourselves and all that is, we are helping to heal and balance energy. We are individual energy fields all part of a massive collective.

Using our human experiences to learn how to balance our own blocked energy fields is how we ascend and strengthen the power of the collective source. The matrix is finally crumbling at the hands of every one of us who knows we deserve true health, security, love, connection, freedom and peace.

We can not keep allowing ourselves to be manipulated, distracted and led away from our paths. The horrendous manipulation of sexuality and the sacred balance between masculine and feminine energy alone, has significantly stagnated our evolvement and kept us from the most powerful way of all to full ascension.

The introduction of the porn industry, Hollywood and all other misguided examples of what sexuality is, has brainwashed men and women both, leading us to developing complexes and feelings of inadequacy about ourselves as humans, and the way we connect to ourselves and others sexually.

For as sexualized as we are as a population, we actually have some of the highest levels of repression and discomfort with our own nudity and sexuality.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture, and as a society we are in dyer need of re-educating ourselves on how to connect with our souls, truly love and appreciate ourselves and how to feel as sexy as we all already are naturally.

So what is real soul sex?

First, how can we have quality intimacy and great sex with anyone without comfort and knowledge of ourselves sexually first? It is crucial to know and be comfortable with ourselves and our sexuality, before ever expecting to connect to another person well in this way. This comes from understanding what sexual energy is really for.

Disconnecting from everything we think we know about the performance of physical sex and actually allowing ourselves to FEEL our experiences from a super secure and authentic place, is number one.

Seeking the right kind of connection is key and feeling safe and trusting is what allows our sexual experiences to teach us all we need to know about our energetic potential.

Sex is not about performing an act or trying to use the body to elicit physical orgasms like a task. In fact, tantric practices from many ancient cultures focused heavily on the spiritual awakening that comes from utilizing sexual energy to free blockages and create open flow along all the chakra energy fields within the body.

A surge of free flowing high frequency throughout the entire body from the root to the crown, is what a true orgasm was always believed to be. One way is to use our physical bodies to reach heightened sensation by stimulating the nervous system into its full pleasure centers, where we can tap into that energy and use it to heal and release wounds and blockages within us.

This can result in the physical orgasm we experience; with or without ejaculation. We can also experience orgasms even without being physically touched. There are many forms of healing practices that balance energy flow and can free blockages solely by using the outer energy fields of the body to shift inner energy.

An orgasm is a powerful release and liberation of built-up energy. It is a form of healing, and can be achieved in many ways.

This allows us to tap into our highest power and vibrate at that frequency. That frequency has the power to cure all ills. Every attraction we have is an opportunity to learn and achieve this; the ultimate connection to self, and that two souls can ever have together.

The pornographic version of sex that focuses primarily on men's physical pleasure using women/partners as sexual tools, is tragically off-base from everything all souls should know about the potential of this sacred act.

It is actually very low frequency to have sex this way and furthers the lack of connection and balance between masculine and feminine energy. Sex is to be had with intention for the greatest energetic exchange that fosters our highest capacity for growth and balance.

Through misinformation programmed into our subconscious minds, our excitatory neurotransmitters overtime are being re-wired to find pornographic videos visually and sexually stimulating.

The idea many have been conditioned to adopt of solely using a person's body for their own gratification is the low frequency subliminal message burned into our subconscious, and without realizing it, is leading down a very dark path away from knowing how to balance masculine and feminine sexual energy to help create the most powerful frequency that exists.

As a result we have succumb to this way of thinking and behaving and have been accepting sexual connections that aren't fully connective and don't adequately fulfill or satisfy. There are no words to explain how devastating that is in terms of our ability to connect the two forces and expand our spiritual growth.

The balance between masculine and feminine forces within our own selves and with our partners is crucial to creation, expansion and ascension. What that energetic alignment together can do once activated, is healing in the purest form.

We are never to compromise self, be unauthentic or disconnected in any way during intimacy. We are never to forget the importance of true intimacy for spiritual enlightenment. Pleasure and growth for both is essential and automatic when the connection is pure and honored.

Performing an act instead of just feeling bonded to someone from the soul, wholeheartedly wanting them to experience the highest vibration possible and just letting it flow, is the complete opposite of what love, sex and romance is about and the way we are meant to experience it.

Every sexual experience or any experience we have in life for that matter, is actually to teach us this; how to connect to our souls and honor them fully.

We are just souls having a physical human existence to learn exactly how to achieve personal self-love and maximum evolution through all of our human experiences.

True selfless love is a vibration, and is the highest frequency that exists. That is what we should be striving for.

Sharing your heart and soul with someone you feel safe, secure and truly understood and loved by, is what true intimacy is. Sharing our bodies to transfer that potent love frequency is something words can't even describe. That is real sex. Safe, secure, connected and desired, is all we should ever feel when sharing our bodies with someone.

We must pay attention to our emotions always and tune in when our soul is telling us something doesn't jive or resonate. We should never feel lack when it comes to sex. Whether it's lack of pleasure, connection or a sense of security.

Learning ourselves enough to know our emotional, spiritual and sexual needs, is step one. Getting to the point where we honor them every time no matter what, is the goal.

Don't we want every experience we have in our lives to be the highest quality it possibly can be?

Due to the global insecurity crisis, most people are not fully secure with themselves and it spills over to the bedroom, affecting how they feel and what they demand or don't for themselves sexually.

Questioning, over-thinking, feeling insecure or feeling pressure to perform and please, is all part of it. And part of the matrix brainwashing.

When we feel safe, we shut off our wandering minds and all of our insecure thinking and allow ourselves to just truly feel with no inhibitions. Only then are we on our way to having true raw connection and the ability to change the world with our energy.

Sex isn't just physical touching, penetration and pleasure. Eye contact, emotional connection, awareness of energetic shifts, breathing deeply and talking, all play a role in drawing us into the other soul and sharing with them the buildup of energy we are experiencing in our bodies.

Staring into someone's eyes (the window to the soul) is the best form of expressing exactly what we are feeling without even a word spoken.

It is how we allow our person to truly see us in our most open and vulnerable state, and connect to us by watching us surrender fully to the energetic exchange.

It all starts with our own ability to connect fully to ourselves, understand what we are looking to receive from the experience and surrender.

How can our person be really present if we are not?

Energy doesn't lie and we can all feel if there is a lack of full genuine connection and intention on either side.

True sexual connection is everything. It's how we touch, where we touch, how we speak, what we say and the way we look into the soul of a person. It's how we understand, treat and protect them.

How and where we kiss, when and how we tease; withholding and giving pleasure to help them reach higher vibration.

It's how safe and beautiful we make our person feel so they can open fully and feel nothing but trust when lying naked in our arms.

It's the true growth that can be had on a spiritual level when both souls want maximum enlightenment for themselves and wholeheartedly for the other as well.

To me, there is only one true way to experience sex, and this is it. Proper soul sex that irreversibly changes the way you view attraction, intimacy, relationships and spiritual connection for the rest of your life. Removing all pre-conceived notions of what we have been brought up to believe sex is.

Sexuality is a vibration, an extension of our own inner energy projected out, to be shared with other souls here in the name of growth and love.

Be open and raw, let yourself go completely, and start seeking the deepest of connections that can be had in this lifetime.

Is there anything else worth more?

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