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What is a Soul Bond?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Do you ever wonder why we just bond to some people, and don't to others? There are just some people you meet and in an instant you know they are your type of person!

Sometimes just by a smile, or glimpse of their stare. Your eyes meet and you just feel to your core, this is a soul worth knowing. This is pretty profound and I think has true meaning in terms of our growth in this life.

We can trump up our initial connection with others to personality in some cases, but more than that, can exist a true kinship and bond. One that develops into a life long friendship or romantic relationship. I have some theories as to what it all really means, and why we connect so deeply to certain souls.

"There are friends, there is family, and there are friends who become family" - Unknown

Do you ever meet someone, feel their vibe, and just know your souls are aligned?

This has happened to me and they have become deep long friendships to this very day. I've bonded with clients or coworkers, someone at the health food store, yoga class, when travelling, or even at the lingerie store when shopping for underwear the other day! A true pure soul that woman was I tell ya! There is always one person that just stands out at a given time or place that you connect with instantly.

But, why is it exactly that this happens?

I have this philosophy that there are no coincidences in life. That everything strategically happens for a reason. That you meet specific people at specific times for a reason. The ones you bond with are ones you are meant to learn from or alongside, and them from you. Ones that intentionally come along your path and join it for a while, to ultimately better you in the long run.

For how long they will stay, no one knows but the universe, but all bonds have tremendous purpose. Many of us are so busy with our hectic everyday lives, we don't even take time to consciously pay attention to our lives or why it is we experience the things we do. Why we meet the people we do, at the times we do.

I have to admit, I always think about it when someone special crosses my path. I know a soul bond when I feel it, whether platonic or romantic, and always wonder what I must learn about myself because of this person. What is their true role in my life.

There is always a purpose, an important one. We learn so much from other people, and inadvertently teach them, as well. We share a planet with so many others, billions in fact, and you meet so many along the way, but yet only truly connect with a certain few out of them all.

It is certainly not for no reason. A whole lifetime of souls that cross your path, and yet countless that you don't ever even see or know exist at all. It's pretty crazy if you think about it.

We all are on our own individual journey towards evolvement, and people play an essential role in helping us get there. This goes for all relationships, platonic and romantic.

The thing is, some people come into your life for a short time, a long time, or a lifetime. We never know which initially, only time can ever tell us that. But the important thing to always focus on is the purpose behind why someone is there, not how long they are intended to stay.

We must appreciate and never take for granted the quality of what they bring to our lives. Have faith that for whatever purpose they are there for and however long they end up staying, there is a life-changing and long-lasting benefit to their presence in your life and along your journey.

If we focus on romantic relationships here a bit, there is a reason we get so attracted to certain people or fall in love with them. My belief is that the deep feelings and emotional bond that ensues when you are powerfully attracted or in love, is intentional.

It ensures you remain connected with these people for long enough to learn all you are intended to learn from them. It ensures you exhaust certain obstacles you might otherwise give up on much more readily if not for the sentiment you feel for that person.

It is those exact obstacles and challenges that teach you so much about yourself and are what will become some of the biggest life lessons and most purposeful and beneficial to your soul growth.

If we view it this way, we can see that the length of time someone is there for, or why they may or may not eventually leave your life, isn't truly what's important. The importance only lies with what was gained while they were there.

Someone can enter your life for one day, never to be seen again, but yet irreversibly change you for the better! (Yes, this has happened to me, more than once.. and I still to this day think of those people from time to time!) The longevity of their presence only ever happens when it's meant to, but the spiritual evolvement last a lifetime.

When we love someone, we are tested deeply. We grow in ways we wouldn't have without that intense emotion perpetually keeping us there fighting harder and longer. Ultimately we grow in ways we just wouldn't have without that person, or the love we have for them.

That’s why they come into our lives, and why we are drawn by undeniable attraction to them. Even some of the most toxic or painful relationships are the most beneficial in the end. We all have lessons to learn. Some of us harder ones than others.

I just personally always like to look at the bigger picture; the true reason behind all the things we experience as humans, relationships included. Love is an amazing feeling and pure bond between two people, and one to be appreciated no matter how long it lasts, how it ends, or how anyone behaves in it.

There is always beneficial growth for both involved, and legitimate reasons behind our behaviors along the way, even if not understood by the other person. Ones we always only ever come to see after the fact. Hindsight is 20/20 after all!

So next time, you are mourning a painful breakup or the tragic loss of a dear friend or loved one, please remember there is a reason. A truly valid and meaningful one those relationships existed in the first place, and that they came to an end.

You are absolutely without a doubt a better person for it, no matter how long it takes you to realize or accept it. Nothing is forever. Not even we are. Who we are in this life, also expires one day! It is what we live along the way that matters. Who we become because of those experiences. The beauty we take from every experience we have, and appreciation we allow ourselves to find within it.

So feel gratitude instead of sadness, and think deeply about the real reasons behind all we experience as humans in our lifetime. The simple honest truth is, there is great purpose to each and every one. Look deeper, you have all the answers already.

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