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The Power of Energy

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Energy is something much more frequently discussed today, and amazingly so! As humans and as spiritual beings, we are made up of "energy circuits" both inside our bodies and outside surrounding them. This fundamentally connects us all to each other and to our environment.

It is important to understand our relationship with nature and our surrounding world, to fully grasp just how many things can positively or negatively affect our energy balance. We are profoundly connected vibrationally to the earth and all existing life within it. What we absorb through our sensory organs is information that gets read by our nervous system and responds to. This can translate to stress that negatively affects our minds and bodies, and therefore energy flow within. So we must ask ourselves... just how much power does energy actually have on our health and well-being?

"Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not"- Deepak Chopra

It is actually in light of recent events that prompts me to write this post today. Some heavy negativity came my way, towards both myself and especially my loving sister for the knowledge we share and our profound belief in holistic healing. It is for times like this, as well as many others in my life so far, that has me thinking about the power of energy.

So what is energy really? And how does it affect us?

As someone that is extremely spiritual, I must admit I was not always this way. When I was younger I definitely saw the world much more cut and dry. Although always open minded, life appeared to be quite black and white leaving little room for all the grey in between. The tangible then made far more sense to me, and I had this philosophy that what you saw was what you got. This changed enormously as I grew up, and this "matter of fact" mentality I had eventually ceased to exist. As I opened my mind to the real reasons behind some of the major life-changing moments that happened to me along my journey, I realized there is a purpose behind everything. I realized life is so much more than all the tangible, and that it is all we can't actually see or touch that truly makes us who we are.

It was when I had this eye-opening realization that things started happening to me spiritually. Things that allowed me to realize even more that we are a part of something much bigger than humanity. Our entire existence as humans and all existing life on this planet, is made up of energy. Both inside and outside our bodies, we have energy channels. It is like this invisible livelihood that exists among all living things on this earth and connects us all. Everything we come into contact with connects vibrationally. As humans, we connect to our earth and all of nature's beautiful creatures and plant life. We absorb, get affected, and respond to energies everyday without even realizing it.

Energy exists naturally within us, can be created by us and can be transferred onto us. This happens from nature itself, our environment, and other living life as well. Every thought and perspective we choose to have of ourselves or the world, affects our inner energy. Every time we hear or see something positive or negative, touch someone, laugh hysterically or cry endlessly, it affects our energy. Every single thing we experience in life, good and bad, is emotion and energy that is absorbed and processed inside our bodies and souls.

Do you ever notice that amazing feeling when you step outside and breathe in fresh air, and the warm sun first hits your face? Or that overwhelming connection you feel when you kiss or touch someone you love? That is energy, positive sensations that boosts your own inner vibrations. The same way our inner energy gets affected positively by nature and other humans, it can also get negatively affected.

Every time you think a negative thought about someone or something, tell yourself you aren't good enough, see something horrifying or allow any outside influences to bestow negativity onto you, your body processes that as stress and your inner energy gets imbalanced. It is only you though, that can change the way negative energy affects you. We are all designed to have positive balanced energy within and feel peace, and we all come with the ability to counteract negative energies that come our way. Hence the old expression: "Mind over matter".

I must say that, as someone extremely empathetic who has experienced much negativity and tragedy in my life, a positive outlook and state of mind goes a long way. Positive energy hands down overpowers negative any day! I can say this with every ounce of my being, as I have been faced with immense negative energy more times than I can count, and I manage to rid it every time without fail. The more we practice, the better we get at it! Knowing yourself, loving yourself and feeling gratitude for who you are and where you are, is all you need. A positive mindset and seeing beauty in yourself, in the world, and in others no matter how negative they are, will set you free.

You are absolutely in control of how positive you feel and how much negativity you ever allow to affect or counteract your good energy. When you make that conscious choice, high vibration always prevails! When people are in a bad place and operating at low vibration, they are deficient in energy reserve. Their energy fields are imbalanced and are seeking your positive energy to replenish. I learned this young, and that self-love was important. There will always be people that try and bring you down when you are only trying to bestow good onto the world, but it is on you whether or not they are actually able to. These are times that test your ability to let your good shine through and overpower the negative challenge. Experiences that allow you to strengthen yourself, evolve your soul, and kick that negativity's ass to the curb!

Being well is truly a state of mind with a soul that is settled. We can try and take care of our physical bodies as much as we can, as we always should, but we must also take care of our minds and souls. Trust yourself. Don't allow anyone to demean your truth and what you know will make you happy and help others. Choose to find a silver lining in every sadness and disappointment, and choose to still see the good in people even when there appears to be none. It always boils down to where someone is at and what is driving them to be in a toxic mindset.

Sit with yourself and learn everything there is to know about the uniquely amazing person that you are. Appreciate your every skill, quirk and flaw, and every ounce of knowledge and experience you've acquired thus far. Know that every heartache leads to beauty and growth, and that is the true purpose of them all. You are full of positive energy within. We are all amazing in our own way and all have such beauty inside of us.

So whenever you find yourself doubting, feeling insecure or discouraged by humanity, just ask yourself:

Where is that negativity really coming from?

And which energy are you going to allow to win?

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