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The Insecurity Epidemic

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I always like to imagine a time where humans accept who they are at all costs, and just ooze confidence and self-love.

Where individuality is appreciated and not feared, where self-expression is encouraged not judged, and where humans truly connect vibrationally forming the strongest of bonds, as nature always intended. Now, wouldn't that be a beautiful world?

In a system so heavily focused on superficiality, materialism, comparison and judgement, how could we not feel insecure? From the time we are born, we are slowly being programmed. Not only from our parents and the humans around us, but by the system itself. Any emotional limitations, blockages, personal judgements or adopted beliefs existing in those around us due to their own life experiences, profoundly imprint us.

It takes much effort and time to discover how WE truly think and feel about things, and really start to peel back the layers of all the thoughts and "ideas" imposed onto us all our lives. In the initial years of life, we adopt patterns and belief systems from those around us, as society has dictated a general "norm" that is acceptable. Most humans abide by them, at least subconsciously. As energetic beings that require connection, we sure do always seek comradery and a sense of community.

"Sometimes our thoughts are backed by so much insecurity, that they create lies we believe" - Unknown

Today, insecurity is as prevalent as ever. I have watched it affect my loved ones and virtually every person I have encountered, some more deeply than others. Our society, and its imposing social pressures and expectations are deadly, and largely contribute to our modern day "mass insecurity epidemic!"

I feel that lack of self-confidence is by far one of the most detrimental components road-blocking our way to true happiness and peace. In my opinion, the main reasons behind this level of global insecurity for most people, are lack of self-knowledge, social conditioning and compulsive comparison to others.

The hustle and bustle of our modern world is all-consuming. Downright distracting really. With technology's racing advancements and convenience at the click of a button, we are all functioning at lightning speed! Stress, pressures and preoccupations, completely consume and distract us. We are left with virtually no time to even adequately unwind, never mind find the time for self-introspection! Something that is actually quite damaging to our wellness long-term, both physically and emotionally.

It is so important to know and understand ourselves. To self-analyze and learn inside and out who you truly are at your core. Your most inner thoughts and feelings, your belief system, your standards, your soul's deepest desires, and your character's every weakness and strength. Not forgetting the most important of all, who you really are without any cultural or societal opinions, expectations and judgements imposed onto you!

We often fail to realize just how conditioned we are and often confuse what we think is our own "real" feelings and thoughts, with ones that have been unrelentingly imposed onto us by others our whole life. It is crucial to be introspective and really dissect ourselves. To truly learn and discover what percentage of how we think, the choices we make and how we choose to live is truly us, and how much is conditioning.

True knowledge of self and the ability to love, respect and appreciate that person no matter what, is the only way we can begin to overcome insecurity. When you don't know yourself, it is easy to compare to others. Instead of self-discovering where we should be focusing, we are always looking around at others instead. What they have, what they look like, their life and all its glory!

The reality is, everyone has a complex life with a whole host of ups and downs. No one's is picture perfect, nor are they, as nobody ever is or is intended to be. We are all so unique with our own personal journey to live out that has nothing to do with other people. We are all true miracles if you really think about it, and we should appreciate our existence and this life we have been blessedly given to live.

We are all here for a grand purpose that pertains specifically to each of us as individuals. There can never be a comparison to another. Each person is here for a completely different reason than anyone else! Beauty and success are in the eye of the beholder, and every single person has both of those inside their soul already. Feeling shitty about ourselves because we lack something someone else has is pointless, and doesn't even make sense if we understand the premise that everything happens as it should for each of us.

We only ever have what we are meant to at a given moment in time, and are exactly who and where we need to be. Learning to love yourself for all you are and all you do have, is a must. You just won't be happy in this life if you don't! Lack of self-love limits us. It consumes our mind, hijacks our view of ourselves, others and the world, and controls our decision-making often leading us to making poor ones!

So my advice for overcoming insecurity?

Look at yourself in the mirror today. Up close. Not at your body, or self-imposed flaws. Stare into your eyes, until your face no longer makes sense anymore. Stare into them right through to your soul. Realize and understand that who you are is not the body you are in or face that you have. You are not the job title you are currently holding or the funds in your bank account. You are not the four walls you live in or the car in the driveway. You are so much bigger than all of that.

You are a pure soul, living inside an amazingly loveable human, that human you see staring back at you from the mirror. You have a purpose here as exactly the soul that you are, with a specific life to live. One filled with so many profound experiences that will continuously positively change you and allow you to get to know yourself even better.

You are destined to be happy. To feel amazing and living with purpose. So do it! Stop dwelling on the insignificant, and learn to see just how awesome you are. We are all here to live our best life and we surely do owe ourselves that, do we not? We deserve all possibly attainable health, happiness and fulfillment.

Now the only thing you ever have to ask yourself is, who the hell am I really, and what do I truly want for myself in this life?

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Wonderfully said ! The journey of self discovery is such a pivotally important and necessary one and should never be underestimated, undermined, or ignored.

Our life journey has been chosen to propel growth in all areas and positions how we are in this life and contributes to our preparation for the ones we will yet live...

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