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Alone time anyone?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

We all enjoy being surrounded by loved ones and positive people, and do truly need them to feel a sense of community and prosper health-wise, but we cannot underestimate the benefit of solitude for soul growth.

There are many benefits to taking some serious "you time", and digging deep down to your soul.

When we have enough time to just sit with ourselves, there are many sides of us we end up discovering. Deep inner passions surface, and many thoughts about all we need for our true happiness flood our minds. So why does being alone seem lonely to some?

"You call it being alone, I call it enjoying my own company" - Unknown

Personally, having enough alone time is something I have craved since childhood. In a family of 5 growing up and being the youngest, there seemed to never be enough time to just be with myself. I love every single one of my family members to pieces, and wouldn't have changed anything for the world, but I think being surrounded by people constantly growing up was just my first glimpse at learning a little bit about my needs as a person for my own true happiness. Perhaps, also the reason I moved out at the earliest I could just out of high-school.

Throughout my life as an adult, I haven't changed! To this day, I require much alone time to truly feel connected with myself and inspired to reach my goals. We are not all alike though, and I have witnessed many people throughout my life have tremendous difficulty with spending time alone.

Many who require people constantly around them to pre-occupy them. We are all so different and individual personalities definitely play a role in this, it's just always important to decipher whether you always have people around you because you truly enjoy that, or because you need that not to feel alone.

Now don't get me wrong, for someone who enjoys so much alone time I am probably the most social "loner" you'll ever meet! I greatly enjoy people, and having so many loved ones around me all my life has always made me feel super blessed. But, I still require much time to myself to truly connect to myself and vibe with who I am and all I want in my life. My best friend calls it "The Lone Wolf Syndrome", and I laugh because it's so true!

For me, it has always been the way I was happiest. Living in my own place by myself, spending hours singing, reading, doing yoga, taking long essential oil baths, playing an instrument, dancing my heart out to blaring music, writing, cooking, meditating... you name it.

I can seriously occupy myself for hours every day doing things I love, completely by myself! It's undoubtedly why I have always had difficulty in relationships that felt restrictive and demanding, or that didn't allow me enough of my own personal space or enough of those "me" moments.

It is so incredibly important and essential for adequate growth to spend time with yourself. When you do, you realize how much time and energy other people take up and how much time that in turn takes away from you thinking about you.

When you take time in a day away from all responsibilities and other people that encompass so much of your time, you are able to sit back and actually connect with yourself and all you may be yearning for at that point in your life.

It gives you time to discover all of the things that feed your soul, that life or people keep you too busy from thinking about. Plus, it gives you time to get back to many activities and hobbies that you have perhaps let go as life's demands got in the way.

It's easy to be around people and to throw ourselves into responsibilities. It's easy to allow both of those things to become our greatest distractions. It's easy to allow yourself to get lost in it all. Pre-occupations are only supposed to be a part of life though, not all of it. Every human soul requires time for themselves away from all else. To relax and feel peace, and connect within.

One thing you can always give yourself that other people can't, is honest knowledge of who you are and all you truly want and seek out of life. When you don't have anyone around you, you can actually sit and think deeply about yourself. Who you are, what you want, if you're actually truly happy, what you may be missing or craving or what you would love to experience in this life while you still can.

You have time to strategize how to meet your goals, or to re-think if those are even actually still your goals anymore. You just have time to do anything you want. It is so important to embrace alone time. To make time for it. To learn to love it if you don't already, and to grow from it.

People are wonderful and add so much to our lives in the ways they do, and we all seek connection and community, but no other person can give you all the answers your own soul can. You are the only person who knows deep down all of the things that truly rock your soul.

If you just take a moment to breathe and listen to the core of who you are, you'll realize you have all your own answers to everything that will bring you happiness in this life.

Embrace change and solitude, and connect deeply to yourself the way you so readily can to other people. Learning to love and be true to yourself is the most important part of our existence here.

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