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The Universe

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The universe is such a complex topic to get into. I won't sit here and pretend to understand every single thing about the depths of how it all works, but what I do know is we are all a part of something much bigger than we can fathom.

My view of the universe is that it is an endless entity of cosmic energy that we as human souls living in the physical plane, are profoundly energetically a part of and connected to. I truly believe we are all the universe, as well as all other living beings that are not in a human body. I believe all living life here on earth and all souls not currently in the physical world, together make up the universe.

"The universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The universe is simply responding to the gravitational attitude that you are emitting" - Abraham Hicks

In my own personal life, I have had many spiritual experiences that show me I am just one part of an entire energy matrix. I am continuously trying to grasp the exact purpose we all have here as humans and our place in the universe, but I always feel a vibrational pull and fill with positive energy when I follow my deepest gut instinct.

This leads me to believe we have a journey here, a destined path to follow along leading us to a higher consciousness and evolution. One we must adhere to for ultimate wellness and growth. Feelings of stagnation gnaw at us when we make life choices that don't foster that growth. We must all be here for far bigger reasons than the details of our everyday lives that pre-occupy us.

I'm going to try and keep this short, but just really felt to write this one today. I have been at a pretty critical turning point in my life actually. It's been a long road to get here and am now at another fork.

I feel like the decisions I will make next will for the first time in a long time determine old patterns gone, and the turn of a brand new chapter. I don’t know about any of you, but whenever I used to be at a crossroads in my life where my soul was guiding me one way and my thoughts guiding me another, I could often tend to second-guess myself.

The truth is, if we truly listen we have all the answers we are ever seeking already. There is nothing to doubt or mistrust. Even if we go against our gut's instinct, the universe will always show us we did and we can always re-route and change gears. This happens to ensure we recognize that our decisions are leading us away from where we should be focusing and is now hindering our growth and distracting us from our purpose.

We are all a part of this unified energy and are shown when we are choosing a path that isn't the right one for us or the collective. Having faith in the process of life and the universe is a must, though for many it's something that can prove difficult to do!

Besides our tangible bodies that we can see and touch, we are also full of invisible energy channels within the body and outside of it. It is what ties all living creatures, plant life, and our planet as a whole to our collective universe. We vibrate with nature and our environment for good purpose.

We are amazing souls within and possess sharp gut instincts that guide us through life. We always know deep down when our inner energy shifts, whether positive or negative, and we play a monumental role in what energy we are emitting and therefore receiving.

We all have a purpose here, and my honest belief is that it is to live and learn vital human lessons that connect us deeply to the true spiritual energy we are deep down. Lessons that teach us to understand we are souls having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual one. Balancing our karma and purifying our souls is what it is all about.

We migrate through life trying to make sense of all the things we live. We can often focus on the details of the experiences themselves and completely miss the purpose of why we are living them. There is much more at play here for all of us.

If we actually just step back and breathe, everything comes to light in due time. I have noticed in my own life that when I take a break and relax, my mind can then clear. When we stop trying to decide everything at once and allow ourselves to have faith and go day-by-day, we realize our soul is already telling us everything we need to know.

I truly believe our only goal in life and obligation to ourselves is to pursue things we love. I believe that we are all intended to experience true happiness, regardless of the hardships that also arise. This happiness is unique to each person and only we can answer to our truest deepest desires.

The things we love and are pulled to do in life have great meaning. What we will learn from those experiences is essential to our spiritual evolvement. It is exactly why they should always be pursued and not overlooked. We often pass up opportunities and block ourselves from doing all that truly feeds our soul, and it is exactly in doing this that we get derailed in life and live far more hardship than we should.

We are not supposed to have a perfectly mapped out plan for our lives. We are ever changing and growing from the human experiences we live and the things we learn along the way. Our goal should always be to just pursue all we love as our desires change based on that growth.

Continuously connecting to ourselves as we evolve is a must for true inner peace. Allowing breathing room and acceptance for when things don’t go as "planned" and trusting in your soul that it's for the right reasons, is essential. There is a much bigger reason behind all that happens to us as humans.

Personally, I have actually never made a long-term plan in my life and it pan out the way I thought it would. Not once. But it always played out in a way that brought me more happiness in the end. In the long-run I always get somewhere more worthwhile where everything makes perfect sense.

Since I opened up spiritually years ago, my life changed drastically, as did I. I began realizing so many things about life and my purpose here, things I never really thought about before. I was always a very deep person but something began to gnaw at me in my late teens and early 20's. I was craving more than the life I was living.

I didn't fully understand it at the time, but I was craving evolvement. I was stagnant in my life, and felt suffocated suddenly.

After many spiritual experiences, everything about how I thought I knew myself changed. From that point forward I no longer viewed life the same. The following years of my 20's were life-changing, as many things happened and for so many reasons.

Much heartache, stress and many sleepless nights gave me ample time to sit and think. To re-evaluate what I wanted for my life and for myself. This is a sign of growth. We have a soul that guides us through our lives from within.

If we pay attention, it tells us every time we are pre-occupying too much with life's little details and not being introspective enough. It tells us when we are not following on the path we should be, and are spending precious time making choices that don't serve us best. This happens due to our profound connection to the rest of the universe.

I can admit I have been off my path many times in my life. Always leading me to a dark place. Despite all of the specific details that led up to my 2 year long battle with adrenal fatigue, not taking enough time to truly do what fulfills me was the biggest reason behind that debilitating illness. Not caring for myself enough, in every way.

Getting caught up in all life's distractions; work, people, socializing and responsibilities. We all have instinct and a guiding force within. That is our soul. That is who we actually are. Our soul tells us all we need to know about ourselves and our purpose when we focus wholeheartedly.

When you are fulfilled, you know it. And when you are not, you also do. Our universe has a master plan that we are all a part of. The more we divert from who we truly are, the more pain ensues.

For anyone going through a hard time at what seems to be the worst possible time, it is actually the best thing that could ever happen to you. You are not cursed (as I often told myself I was), you are not dealt this bad hand that will always bring you pain and negativity, and you are not doomed to live a life of struggle.

Bad things happen to very good people for very good reasons. There is only one way to look at them; the universe is speaking to you. You are to pay attention and learn something. It will shape you in ways you will only come to see later. Even if you don't understand yet why things are happening as they are, you will always come to see it in time.

The more open you are to looking at things this way, the more you will see all of this in your own life. The deeper we look at the meaning behind the things we experience, the more connected to our souls we become and the stronger the vibrational connection becomes between us and all other energy. There are many signs we get when we are forging ahead in a way that isn't true to ourselves, as well as ones when we are.

Sadness, stress, worry or loneliness is not meant to sink us, but rather awaken us. Please always remember that. We just have to trust our guts, stop questioning and doubting, live presently as best we can, and have faith that things always turn out the best possible way because they do.

No matter how much you fear they won't, everything pans out exactly how it is supposed to for your personal journey. Without risk, there is no true reward. Trust yourself, love yourself and just chill. You are exactly where you need to be.

For all of you reading, I am sending love and inspiration your way. My honest advice to best get through any tough times you are facing is to always ask yourself, why? To really look at why these road blocks happen at all, to anyone. "Why" is the greatest question to ever be asked! It prompts us to look at situations in a different way, a deeper way.

No matter how you feel about anything you are living, ask yourself why it is happening to you. Pay less attention to the problem itself and more to what the possible reason behind it is. What it is that you will be learning and therefore gaining at the end of it. Energy doesn't lie. There is absolutely a reason and purpose. There always is.

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